VC104 The Emark, what does it mean??

Written On By Katie

vc312-daybright-range-1-smallFor products that have been approved to ECE104 for contour or line marking of vehicles, it is a requirement that these have the designated E-mark permanently integrated into the tape. The E-mark is your guarantee that the product fulfils the minimum requirements found in Regulation ECE104.

The meaning behind what is integrated into the tape.

REFLEXITE i.e the name of the manufacturer, is a requirement of ECE104 to prove that the product is a genuine Reflexite product.

The C indicates that the tape meets class C of ECE104. This means that it is of a microprismatic construction and of the highest possible reflectivity.

The E4 means that the tape has been tested and approved at a test institute in Holland.

104R means that Reflexite VC104 is the first product which was granted approval to this standard. This is the approval number for our Ridid Grade, whereas 0002 is the approval number for our Curtain Grade product.


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