Templating of vehicles

Written On By Katie
Reflex Design International Ltd have been tasked by Taurus Bodies of Stockport to provide a new livery kit for a number of specialist vehicles for the Ambulance Service.
The vehicle is an Iveco 65 C18 6.5 tonne van conversion. It is a very large vehicle that sits  very high of the ground and will need a altered vision to get it in keeping with the existing Battenberg specification.
The side sliding door has a large injection moulded runner for the sliding gear and this takes up a lot the area normally associated with the graphics location so new thinking will have to be introduced to compensate.
The back doors also will have to be re-thought as most of the lower section are taken up with plates and retaining clips, this combined with the extra height of the vehicle will mean the rear chevrons wont start until approximately a Metre of the ground. It may be necessary to add plates to the lower sections of the bumpers in order to provide light reflection at a lower level.
The fitting and templating team are working along side Chatfields Commercials of Leicester, the local Iveco and Ford commercial vehicle agents who also offer as much assistance as is possible. They are worth a call if you need vehicles. The contact is Graham Potter who always available for a chat or give competitive quotations. 
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