Hong Kong Police Pruis Reflexite VC312 kits

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Reflex Design International Ltd, Of Oadby, Leicestershire have recently completed a specialist graphics contract for the Hong Kong Police Force.

The Hong Kong Police are demonstrating their green credentials by adding a number of low emission and electric vehicles to their existing transport section. These include Vectrix electric motor scooters which have a zero emission rating and the Toyota Prius Hybrid motor vehicle.

They have chosen Reflexite VC312 daybright microprismatic conspicuity film, a product that Reflex Design have been distributing and converting for more than twenty years.

Katie Spicknell, the Operations director for Reflex Design said The Hong Kong Police prefer Reflexite due to its ease of application, extensive warranty and that it does not require any form of edge sealing and provides value for money in comparison with other less flexible products.

Reflex Design International work world wide with Reflexite and you can visit their web site on to see other examples of work  undertaken for the public sector market.

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