Reflexite VC104

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vc104-full-range-european-boxes-weblColour Range

Red, Yellow & White

Roll Size

50mm x 50m


All tapes have been tested and certified to meet the requirements of Regulation ECE 104.


vc312-daybright-range-1-smallThe e-mark is permanently marked into the tape, and is your guarantee that the product meets requirements of Reg. ECE 104.

High Brightness

Works by reflecting light from vehicle headlamps back to the driver, giving long distance visibility and allowing extra braking time.

Wide Angle Performance

The tape has a superb long distance wide entrance angle viewing, even as the vehicle turns and changes angles to the oncoming motorist.

Thin & Conformable

The thinnest and most conformable material available, reducing the possibility for edges to catch and tear.

vc310-durabright-1Abrasion & Solvent Resistance

Strong construction provides resistance to abrasion and solvents commonly encountered in the fleet industry, and will also withstand power washing.

Impact Resistance

Tough constuction provides resistance to common impacts

Easy to apply

Easy to apply with no need to seal edges. Can follow most contours of the vehicle easily and smoothly.


Seven year limited warranty.

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