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vc104-full-range-european-boxes-weblProven Quality

Did you know that since the late 1990’s, the American Reflexite corporation has sold so many meters of approved high-quality reflective tape for trucks and trailers, that if put in a continuous strip it could actually make a visible belt which could surround the Earth? The curious reader would then ask himself, whether this strip would then be visible from the Moon. And the answer? Quite honestly we don’t know, but it would be interesting to try it out!The numbers above speak for themselves really. Not only did Reflexite back in 1968 invent the high-performance prismatic technology which is today used in all high performance reflective materials also by the competition. The record number of meters of Reflexite tape sold to the trucking industry is stunning, but not a surprise. Users in the industry worldwide have come to recognize, that the combination between getting a reflective tape which is really easy to apply even for the owner of a small fleet himself, as well as getting the high quality in performance which will last not only for the first inspection of the vehicle but for years to come, is crucial. High quality is a must, and the tape must be able to work as well as look good even after exposure to the harsh industry conditions such as power washing, gasoline, abrasion – factors which are the everyday reality in the haulage industry and which any fixed component must be able to withstand.

Bottom line is that when you are marking your heavy goods vehicles with the ECE104 approved reflective marking tapes, you need to think carefully about choosing a tape which can provide you with not only being compliant with the regulation in order for your vehicle to pass through the first upcoming inspection, but to choose a tape which will give you the long term benefits that you are looking for in terms of durability in use. Users worldwide in any country who has mandated the use of reflective marking tapes for the heavy goods vehicles has recognized that Reflexite is the right choice, so not only can we span the Earth with the number of meters sold, but also show a record list of satisfied customers within the haulage industry, from the US, to South Africa, to Russia, Europe, China – quality is recognized everywhere and is not dependent on any specific culture or environment.

Since 1968, the US based Reflexite Corporation has been the world’s leading producer of prismatic retro-reflective materials. Reflexite has a full product range that meets the tough requirements of the ECE 104 regulation, including products for both trucks with rigid sides and trucks with curtains. In America, Reflexite has for many years been the market leader in reflective marking tapes for trucks and trailers. Already in 1993 the US made it mandatory to have such markings on trucks, and today Reflexite hold a market share of 70% in the US transport industry.

The Reflexite VC104 tapes have been produced as single layer products, with 100% adhesion on the back. This means that there is no risk of any dirt or moisture penetration between layers; something which could potentially damage the tape. The thin structure also makes it very easy and quick to apply the tape even around rivets on the truck. In addition, Reflexite offers an extensive warranty on the products.

And in case you were still wondering: Yes, we do actually think that the strip around the world might be visible even from the Moon!






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