Blaby District Council

Written On By Katie
Blaby District Council are to trial two new Fiat Doblo vans supplied by the East Midlands new Fiat Commercial vehicle distributers  FORD & SLATER of Narborough road, Leicester.
Public sector and commercial vehicle sales manager Jim Smith has instructed Reflex Design to produce two complete vehicle livery kits in Blaby’s own corporate identity style along with rear chevron markings incorporating Reflexite VC312 daybright hi visual conspicuity material which meets with the recently approved “Chapter Eight” Highways Agency regulations for vehicles operating on busy main roads,dual carriageways and motorways.
The Reflexite Daybright chevrons provide the maximum amount of advanced warning to approaching vehicles by reflecting 95% of the light displayed by the oncoming vehicle, there bye increasing the amount of time the driver has to plan and react to the restricted passage created by the operational council vehicle being it a gully emptier or street lighting tower.
Blaby District Council have a policy of specifying Reflexite conspicuity products in order to provide the maximum amount of protection for both employee’s and other road user’s.
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